Greece’s Most Underrated Beaches


The word is out (has been out for a while) on the Super Paradise beach in Mykonos. But Greece, from its mainland to its many islands, is packed with often-overlooked beaches brimming with tranquil vibes and untouched nature. From isolated beaches nestled along the Ikarian coast to splendid villages in Halkidiki, these destinations prove that bigger is not always better.


The location: Crete

A top holiday destination, Crete, the largest island in Greece, has it all: gorgeous beaches, imposing mountains, verdant valleys, extensive gastronomy and picturesque villages packed with historical landmarks.

The beach: Aspri Limni

1 - Aspri LimniAspri Limni is a hidden beach with white sand surrounded by impressive rocks. Basically it looks like a small lake within the sea. This untouched haven is the sole habitat of the phoenix theophrasti, the Cretan palm tree. Whether you want to enjoy some shade and walk around this one-of-a-kind palm forest, or visit the nearby Chrysoskalitissa Monastery, you can revel in the uniqueness of your surroundings.


The location: Antipaxoi

Antipaxoi is a tiny island located south of the larger Paxoi. Despite the numerous boat rides between the two, some parts of this sparsely inhabited island are quite secluded.

The beach: Voutoumi

2 - VoutoumiVoutoumi beach is a quiet spot hidden behind thick forests. This stunning beach is almost always empty, although you may see some luxury yachts moored in the small cove. Beware. Its beautiful turquoise waters will mesmerize you.


The location: Tilos

This tiny Dodecanese island specializing in eco-tourism is the perfect location for those who long for relaxation and serenity. The mountainous terrain is home to rare bird species and lush vegetation. It is also the place where Europe’s last elephants lived before becoming extinct 4,000 years ago. As an ecological park, this island is an ideal spot for hikers and nature lovers.

The beach: Lethra

For a great hiking trip, follow the path leading north of Livadia. On your way, take in the amazing views of Rhodes and Symi, as well as the several small coves you’ll encounter. Meander down to the peaceful Lethra beach to cool off.


The location: Ithaca

Ithaca, the home of legendary hero Ulysses, is one of the Ionian Islands, located next to Kefalonia. This small hidden paradise with lush vegetation has a rich history, many picturesque villages and beautiful beaches to amaze even the most demanding traveler.

The beach: Sarakiniko

If you follow the road leading out of Vathi toward the eastern part of the island, you will find a small coast with fishing boats. Right behind the small hill is the Sarakiniko bay. The pebble beach is totally secluded and offers turquoise waters topped by trees on the surrounding cliffs. Make sure to bring an umbrella, water and food: The area doesn’t have a beach bar, which is perfect if you are looking for a sunbathing spot away from the crowd.


The location: Halkidiki

Thankfully, in Greece you don’t necessarily have to go to an island to find amazing beaches. Halkidiki is a region in northern Greece known for its three peninsulas, where you’ll find sandy beaches, cerulean waters, dense forests and delectable food.

The beach: Karydi

5 - KarydiThe Sithonia peninsula has a beautiful coastline that peaks at Karydi. Because of its northeastern orientation, the beach is protected from the winds and therefore has calm and warm waters. Just know that it gets crowded during peak season, so plan to arrive early to secure a good spot.


The location: Ikaria

The island of longevity, where locals live above the age of 90, is located between Samos and Mykonos and has a fascinating history and culture. A biodiversity hotspot, the mountainous island attracts visitors from the world over.

The beach: Seychelles

We suspect this beach was named after the famous island, as it also features crystal-clear teal waters. Accessible via a small path off the main road, this intimate and exotic beach is tucked in a little cove. The descent offers astonishing views over the water and the surrounding rock formations, making it an Instagram-worthy venture. #lostparadisefound


The location: Rhodes

Beautiful Rhodes is surprisingly neglected as a holiday destination. Nevertheless, this Aegean gem is packed with history and beautiful landscapes. Home of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the island is an ideal spot for a culture-rich holiday.

The beach: Petrokopio

Near the village of Fourni is the quiet and pristine beach of Petrokopio. As ancient quarries crowded the area, the beach is quite rocky and its white pebbles contrast with the blue hue of the waters. Thankfully, this small spot has been overlooked by developers and therefore boasts unspoiled natural beauty.


The location: Proti Island

A half a kilometer off Marathopoli, in Peloponnese, lies the gorgeous and deserted Proti (“first”). This tiny green islet is accessible only by boat. In the distant past, it served a shelter for pirates and sailors. Now it’s a small paradise that offers picture-worthy hiking trails for all levels and rock-climbing options.

The beach: Vourlia

Vourlia is a stunning beach where you can swim in calm, shallow waters. The white sand and the clear blue sea makes this beach an ideal location for a quiet day. Take advantage of your time there and visit the monastery and the Grammeno bay, or simply enjoy a boat ride around the island. The sky’s the limit….