The Best Cocktails to Order at Greece’s Island Bars


We may not know what you did last summer, but we have a pretty good idea of what’s in store for you this year. Whether it’s your first or your hundredth visit to a Greek island, it is bound to be a fantastic experience. To help you enjoy it even more, we’ve concocted a small list of the top cocktails you should try before heading back home. Sit back, relax and read responsibly.


The Island: Ios

Ios is a little, charming and hilly Cycladic island located between Naxos and Santorini, with strong party vibes.

The bar: Click

Click Cocktail Bar-Cafe via Facebook

After you’ve spent the morning sightseeing and the afternoon lounging on an immaculate beach like Manganari or Milopotas, head for a drink at Click cocktail bar in Chora, the main town. It’s famous among locals and tourists alike, so prepare to elbow your way to the bar on busy nights. Your efforts will be rewarded: The cocktail menu is extensive and rich with interesting potions.

The Cocktail: English Garden

A blooming combination of gin, apple juice, mint and cucumber. Kick off your sandals and relax on a lounge chair. You deserve some rest, after all.

Info: Click, 84001 Ios, Greece


The island: Corfu

This Ionian gem is perfect for a cultural beach holiday. With its museums, monuments and historic center, Corfu city is great place for afternoon drinks that drag late into the night.

The Bar: Imabari

To enjoy the sea breeze while sipping something equally breezy, try Imabari Seaside Lounge & Restaurant, right on the seafront.

The Cocktail: The Southside Cooler

A refreshing concoction of gin, lime, mint, cucumbers and bitters. We are pretty sure you won’t be able to stop after the first one.

Info: Imabari Seaside Lounge & Restaurant, Faliraki, 491 00 Corfu


The Island: Paros

Blessed with natural beauty, beaches with pristine waters, sinuous paths connecting small villages and astonishing landscapes, Paros is a holiday staple.

The Bar: Agosta Bar

Agosta Bar via Facebook

An evening at Naoussa’s Agosta Bar always promises to be full of laughter and great memories.

The Cocktail: Strawberry Creams

Have a go at the Strawberry Creams, a fruity blend of mastiha, strawberries, lemon juice, mandarin liqueur and tonka syrup.

Info: Little Port Naoussa, 81401 Paros


The Island: Santorini

If there is one island that doesn’t need an introduction, that would be Santorini. The marvelous views of the Caldera and the mesmerizing sunsets are going to be as intoxicating as whatever’s in your glass.

The Bar: Tango Bar

Tango Bar via Facebook

Santorini has countless options, but right now our suggestion would be Tango Bar, which offers an astonishing viewpoint over the Caldera.

The Cocktail: Spiced Mango

Order the signature cocktail: The Spiced Mango is made of rum, mango juice, fresh lime juice and a hint of fresh ginger. Your taste buds will dance.

Info: Marinatou, Fira 847 00, Santorini


The Island: Chios

Located 7 km off the Turkish coast, this far-flung Dodecanese island will make you feel more like a guest than a tourist. Chios is famous for its Byzantine influence; its expansive, secluded beaches; and, of course, the production of mastiha.

The Bar: OZ Cocktail Bar

OZ Cocktail Bar via Facebook

You may think we’re sending you down an endless yellow brick road to find OZ Cocktail Bar, but once you’re on Aplotargia street, let the music guide you and you will surely find this small bar tucked between two shops.

The Cocktail: Enosis Sour

To reward yourself for finding the magical land of OZ, order the Enosis Sour to taste the island tradition in a glass. With mastiha as its primary ingredient, the cocktail also contains house-made lemonade, basil and an original lemon-flavored mastiha mousse. Did we mention that Enosis means “union”?

Info: Stoa Fragaki Aplotaria, 82100 Chios


The Island: Mykonos

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mykonos is partying, it’s time to think again. Granted, this Cycladic gem does have a notoriously wild party scene — but there is so much more to see.

The Bar: Scorpios

Scorpios via Facebook

Scorpios, a hybrid place with a laid-back, bohemian vibe, serves as a restaurant, bar, a store and a beach lounge club. What’s more, it’s located in a natural area overlooking Paraga and Kavos beaches. The exquisite decor will make you want to relax in the lounge chair under the canopy and just keep ’em coming.

The Cocktail: Bohemian Luxury

With vodka and Chambord liqueur, this tongue-tingling elixir also contains cranberry juice and a dash of cherry vanilla Soulshakers bitters.

Bonus tip: Stay at San Giorgio Hotel, the sister establishment, to prolong your carefree holiday.

Info: Scorpios, Paraga, 846 00 Mykonos


The Island: Kefalonia

The largest of the Ionian islands, Kefalonia mesmerizes visitors with its ravishing beauty, immaculate beaches and picturesque villages. Even in high season, you can easily a find secluded beach for a tranquil sunbathing session.

The Bar: BeesKnees the Bar

In the evening, after dining in one of the great tavernas around the port in Argostoli, drop by Bees Knees the Bar, one of the top cocktail bars on the island.

The Cocktail: Kill Bill

Stolichnaya vodka, peach, lychee liqueur, sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice, mint and cranberry juice are used to make Beatrix Kiddo–approved cocktail. No wonder this is the third year in a row that this drink has made it to the bar’s summer menu. It’s so good we hope it gets signature cocktail status soon.

Info: 12, Geroulanou, 281 00 Argostoli, Kefalonia